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The College Women's Association of Japan (CWAJ) is a not-for-profit volunteer organization of Japanese and non-Japanese women interested in education, cross-cultural exchange, and friendship. Offering opportunities for women from all over the world to share unique cultural experiences with their Japanese peers, CWAJ provides a long-term link with Japan as well as the immediate benefits of a wide range of activities in and around Tokyo.You will find more information in our About Us section.
CWAJ Scholarship Programs
The unchanging mission of the College Women’s Association of Japan (CWAJ) is supporting
higher education and nurturing leaders who will contribute to a better world.
2014 Scholars

2014 Scholars
Please click here for their profiles
Where on earth are our scholars, and what are they up to?

Visit Messages and Reports from Scholars to find out!

Scholarship Luncheon 2014
Toko Shinoda & two scholarsat 2013 PS
Bangladesh Ambassador with 2014 CWAJ scholar Toko Shinoda and Scholars
at 2013 Print Show

CWAJ in News
CWAJ continues to make a splash in the Print media world!!
Tokyo Weekender, an English language magazine, published a great article on CWAJ with focus on our Scholarship activities and the Print show.
To read this article, click here.
A wonderful article in the Japan Times on May 20 featured CWAJ and our 2014 Scholars. Many thanks to everyone who volunteered at the Press Conference before the luncheon!
To read the article, click here.

You can make a difference by making a donation  (ご寄附) to support CWAJ's Scholarships and
on-going Fukushima Relief Projects.
If you have ever helped with Scholarship Committee or Print Show, attended a Cultural Program, or introduced a friend to CWAJ, you have positively influenced these men and women and the world we all share.
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Upcoming & Ongoing Events/Activities 
201310 Helen at Print Show   201312 FoM concert  201309RaffleTickets 
2013 Print Show  Friends of Music Christmas Concert  Raffle tickets, please!
  • Luncheon:  Next luncheon is September 10, Wednesday, at the Tokyo American Club in Azabudai.

    What did you miss at our luncheon in May? Look here for the past luncheon report.

  • The Donation/Sponsorship Campaign is well underway!!

  • Print Show現代版画展:
    Click here  to the Print Show Committee page for more (members only)

  • Scholarship: 2014 CWAJ scholars were introduced during the May Luncheon
    Click here for 2014 Scholars' profiles, 2014年度CWAJ奨学生
    here for a slideshow of CWAJ Scholars Now, 1972-2012.
    Click here to the Scholarship Committee page for more (members only).

    (For a glimpse of information available to CWAJ Members, click here.)